Our Process

Leveraging the core competence of each partner through collaborative development

Our Process


Partnerships are core to our way of doing business.  We believe 1 + 1 = 3 and that collaborative development can accelerate breakthroughs. Together with our partners, we develop best-in-class solutions to our Customer's most pressing challenges.



Breakthrough innovation happens across many dimensions; at VentureSource it is embedded in our business concepts. Whether Business model innovation, Product & Process innovation, Technology, Systems, or Market Extension; our collaborative approach to identifying needs and solving problems drives innovative ideas further.



Through our global footprint we are truly local to you.  We operate technical offices and distribution centers on three continents and our partners manufacture products around the globe.  This regionally focused structure allows our technical teams to work alongside your engineers and offers a quick response to your urgent needs.

Are we the right team for you?

Our best results come from working upfront with your engineering and purchasing groups in an open exchange of ideas and best practices.

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...Competitive pressure forces companies to be fast and responsive...non-integrated firms can now outcompete the vertical integrated firms that once dominated their industry. Where integration was once a competitive necessity, it now becomes a disadvantage.

Clayton Christensen